July 7, 2009

Blu-ray Review: Embodiment of Evil (2008/2009)

This is seriously one eff'd up eff'ing movie...

Cast Members of Note- Jose Mojica Marins, Thais Simi, Cleo De Paris, and a bevy of bloody and naked chicks.

The movie opens with a bunch of third world Cops heading to the cell of a crazy old man who is none other than Coffin Joe! I think he's really Satan though. Either way, he's being released from El Prison where he spent the last 40 years for raping and killing, and wanting to get laid. All he really wanted was to knock someone up so that he could be a dad. What a sad story.

All he wants is love!
After his release, he's relegated to the slums of the city, where he continues his quest for true love. He has a sex dungeon, and some cult-like followers who are willing to do anything for him. He wants them to help him get chicks, because he stills wants some kids, so they kidnap a bunch of hot women and lock them in a sex-cage.

She is all for this.
As pimpin' as he is, I don't see why he needs help; he has young Hotties lining up to be with him. He even gets one chick to eat her own butt cheek. True story. Will he find true love? Will he finally get to knock some hot chick up after so long? Will he make me wonder why in the hell I watched this movie to begin with? No, Yes, and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too creepy blind woman, that's exactly how I felt watching this movie.
Embodiment of Evil is a jumbled mess of confusion, but it's so messed up, that in the end none of that matters. I can't say enough how nasty and gory this movie is; some of the things Coffin Joe does to these chicks is just... well... inhumane? I'm all for gore, I'm just saying that it usually doesn't make me wince as much as it did in this movie. This movie had some really nice visuals in it, and I don't just mean the gore. Some of the shots were set up nicely, and it almost had an artistic feel to it in some parts.

Meanwhile, in Satan's butthole...
What is with the Cops in this movie? They kill kids to clean up the streets, beat up lawyers, beat up crippled guys... remind me to never go to Brazil, whether I intend to break the law or not.

Das racis!
Bugs are nasty, especially thousands and thousands of them... ugh!

Kill yourself before the bugs get to you!
Knives in mouths, butt cheeks being cut off and eaten, severed torsos full of spiders, nipple electrocution, hooks in flesh, crucifixions, plenty of knife violence, a box full of severed hands... this movie is full of crazy shit. The rat scene... sweet Jesus. I can't even describe what happens with that other than to say WTF?!?

This is actually a tame moment from the movie...
All kinds of boobs and butts in this one. This movie is full of hot, naked chicks.

And bloody ones.
"I want your brains on the floor, now!" or "Images don't die."

Old men are perverts. Also, young chicks love it.

If you like perverse, crazy, bloody, overtly-violent Brazilian Horror flicks, then you have just found your nirvana, my friends. Just don't say I didn't warn you though, okay?


Embodiment of Evil is available now on Blu-ray.


Fernanda Brandao is in this.

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