August 1, 2017

The Theatrical Releases of August!

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The Summer Movie Season may be windig down, but there are still plenty of great genre pprojects hitting a local cineplex near you this August.

There's no bigger movie hitting theaters this month than The Dark Tower. Idris Elba doing insane gunslinging in an attempt to save the world from an evil Matthew McConaughey is just too fantastic not to get excited about, and we're there on day one.

Of course Wind River, Annabelle: Creation, 68 Kill and Polaroid look equally compelling, and we're seriously excited about Logan Lucky, and Detroit too.

Bottom line is that August is going to be a great month to go the the movies.

Of course, Release Dates can change at any time without notice, so take them with a grain of salt... *Links got to UHM or IMDB because they give great info on upcoming Horror projects.

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