August 9, 2017

UPDATED: What's New on TV in August & September?
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Let's be honest here: the Summer is NOT the best time for quality TV shows.

Game of Thrones is the best thing on TV atm (it's been crazy good so far this season), but aside from the shows in our Top 6, there aren't many options out there if you're looking for something solid to watch.

Yes I know that "good" and "bad is a subjective thing, but how many shows do you really feel the need to tune in to see week in and week out? The Strain and The Mist are hot garbage; there are plenty of teen-angsty shows with a Supernatural/Sci-fi bent out there if you like familiar, safe dreck; and reality TV, for the most part, kills brain cells.

September and October should bring us far better fare on the small screen though, with titles like The Deuce, Top of the Lake, Stranger Things, Mindhunter, and The Walking Dead set to become our weekly addictions for the Fall Season.

Until then, check out the shows in our Top 6 (as well as Snowfall and Twin Peaks) if you need something to entertain you on a weekly basis, and head on over to our full TV Release Dates page to check out everythng that's playing now, and coming soon to a small screen near you.

Top 6July 16[3]July 24[3]Aug 2nd[3]Aug 9th[3]June 25[3]July 5[3]

AUGUSTAug 18Aug 19Aug 20Aug 25170 x 250170 x 250SEPTEMBERSept 1stSept 2Sept 5thSept 10Sept 10Sept 10thSept 14Sep 24Sept 28bSept 28Sept 29Sept 29OCTOBEROct 1stOct 2ndcOct 2ndOct 11thOct 13thOct 27Oct 222 (2)

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