August 26, 2017

Short Film Saturday: Exposure (2015)

It's got to be hard making short films, as no matter how great they may be, as they kind of disappear into the nether after their initial Festival Circuit runs are finished, if they are even lucky enough to get one.

That's why we've decided to showcase some of the many great Horror Shorts that are out there floating around the Interwebs: some are scary, some are fun, and every now and then, we even find one that's a work of art.

The bottom line is that plenty of time and effort went into making them, so they at least deserve to be seen, don't they?
"Following a sexy photo shoot, she goes to her darkroom to develop the pictures, soon to find out she's not alone."

From Spanish director Ignacio F. Rodo, and starring the sexy Belgian-American actress Annick Weerts, this one looks like it has promise.

So that one was very short, but kinda sweet. Annick Weerts isn't hard to watch, the red lighting throughout gave it an eerie vibe, and the twist was kinda cool.

This was a quick dose of sexy Horror, and it was fun.

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