August 2, 2017

August is Giallo Month!

What is a Giallo film? Well, first of all, Giallo is the Italian word for yellow. The color yellow was used on a series of Italian Crime/Mystery paperbacks novels way back in the day, and the term became synonymous with crime thrillers.

As far as Giallo films go, it's all a bit hard to classify, as so many elements go into the average "Giallo" film, that the term could potentially cover a broad range of work. For our Horror purposes though, Gialli are Italian slasher flicks/murder mysteries that involve copious amounts of gore & nudity; unique visual flair; brilliant use of music and colors to accent their intense stories; shadowy, black-gloved killers who tend to have a penchant for straight-razors; gorgeous women being dispatched by said killer; bad dubbing; cheesy acting; silly plots; and endings that may leave you scratching your head.

They're also a crazy amount of fun to experience.

Throughout the month of August we're going to be celebrating the beloved sub-genre by reviewing some Gialli that we have yet to see, revisiting some of our old reviews of Giallo movies that we already know and love, and otherwise promoting the sub-genre in general.

Be careful though; once you experience the unique beauty and bloody sleaze of the Giallo, you may find yourself craving more.

*Click the pics below to get started, and check back throughout the month for more Giallo goodness!

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