April 7, 2017

What's New on VOD This Week? (4/4-4/7)

Bethany will most likely remain Sleepless on her trip to Jordskott, because The Unkindness of Ravens will no doubt make The Void feel Split.

I have no idea why I just did that. Let's just get on with this week's releases. 

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  1. The Void is one that we've been clocking for a few months now, and it's at the top of our Must See list this week.
  2. Shudder is showing 2 episodes of the Swedish Crime Thriller, Jordskott, every Thursday until its 10 episode run is over with, and having checked out the first one already, I can honestly say "What in the hell is going on here?" It's definitely different than your typical Scandi Thriller (The Killing, The Bridge, etc...), and it's definitely got us hooked so far. Now to check out Ep. 2 to see what's up with that plant... 
  3. Not being the biggest fans of M. Night Shamalayanayan, we skipped Split when it was in theaters. Now, after some decent reviews, we might just have to give it a look see on VOD. Anyone want to rent it and invite us over? We'll bring the popcorn.
  4. Sleepless is the kind of Cop Thriller that I personally love, so it's definitely going to take up 2 hours of my time in the near future here.
  5. Bethany might end up being a pretty good supernatural flick. It's got a decent cast, and movies with creepy kids are always fun, so why not?
  6. The Unkindness of Ravens just showed up on Amazon today, taking us by surprise a bit. It premiered at Frightfest last August, and met with some pretty solid reviews, and it looks like the kind of disturbing flick that we dig, so it's on our list.
  7. Happy streaming!

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  1. The Void was terrible. Another example of amateur special effects people thinking that they can make the next The Thing just by packing their movie full of (poorly made) practical effects.

  2. OH FUCK YES!!!!
    You guys have to watch The VOID ASAP!!! Old school 80's "The Beyond"esq
    all practical effects(I think one scene was CGI). Reminded me of The Keep a little, with some Hellraiser thrown in. Whoever made it was def a fan of that era. You won't see no cell phones in this movie....

    Still waiting for my review of AntiBirth!!
    I just want to know what you guys thought of it.

    Split was really pretty good. I wouldn't have thought it was a movie that he made. I think he is trying to try different things and distance himself from that predictable M Night quality that can make but mostly break his movies.

  3. Now I've seen Split and it seems that general audience was more forgiving than old me. For me, it was a solid entry in this genre but nothing which would redeem M. Night Shamalayanayan's qualities as an director. I've seen better but certainly seen far worse from him. I've had to admit that I've never seen Unbreakable which is said to be the prequel to this movie. Now, after being a huge success at the box office, there will be a sequel to Split. Nah, I don't see me running into the theathers as soon that movie been released.

    The acting of the male lead was really good but I'm feeling insecure if I approve of the other players or the plot marking people with this mental disorder to be insane or dangerous per se. And they TALK about 24 different personalities but there were only a few shown. That's kind of lame.

    1. "Never seen Unbreakable"????
      LOL, that was easily his best movie. Better than even The Sixth Sense, IMHO.
      And NO NO NO, Split is not a sequel to Unbreakable. At best it's in the same universe and only because of a quick scene at the end of it, that was probably only an after thought if Bruce was available to shoot the scene.

      Split was OK, Unbreakable was like Citizen Kane compared to this movie though.