April 6, 2017

What's New on VOD in April & May?

Well, with titles like Split, A Dark Song, The Void, The U.S. premiere of Jordskott, Wolves at the Door, and Rings all hitting a streaming outlet near you this month, April is going to be a good month. And if we're being honest, May looks even better.

We've updated our VOD Release Dates Page to reflect April's VOD releases, as well as some of May's. You can check out a preview below, or visit the full page in the link above.

*Keep in mind that release dates can, and most likely will change.

APRILApr 4sApr 4 (3)Apr 6Apr 7 VOD LIMApr 7Apr 7eApr 7Apr 11Apr 11aApr 11avApr 18Apr 11fApr 11uApr 18Apr 21rApr 21Apr 28April 27 VODApr 28Apr 28 VOD LIM170 x 267MAYMay 2 (3)May 2 (4)May 2 (2)May 9gMay 12May ShudderFooter

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