April 8, 2017

Short Film Saturday: Night Night Nancy (2015)

It's got to be hard making short films, as no matter how great they may be, as they kind of disappear into the nether after their initial Festival Circuit runs are finished, if they are even lucky enough to get one.

That's why we've decided to showcase some of the many great Horror Shorts that are out there floating around the Interwebs: some are scary, some are fun, and every now and then, we even find one that's a work of art.

The bottom line is that plenty of time and effort went into making them, so they at least deserve to be seen, don't they?

"Awoken from her sleep by a text message, Nancy soon learns that she is not alone in her apartment."

Night Night Nancy was a decent enough short. The filming was sharp, the killer was suitably creepy, and Nancy (played by Amber Collins) was very nice to look at, but it was lacking in the plot department. I know, it's a 5 minute short, so why in the hell am I bitching about plot?

Well, it kinda threw me that a girl who sees a masked person with a knife in her kitchen doesn't scream bloody murder and run for her life. Oh, she "ran" alright, although not very fast, mind you, but honestly, no scream? Not even a yelp?

And instead of locking the bedroom door and calling the Police, she texts her boyfriend?

I know it's a short film, and atmosphere and visuals count for more than coherence or plot in such a short time frame, but realism is important, people.

Gripes aside, Night Night Nancy was a neat little short that got it mostly right.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations...hoping for more Short Film Saturdays