April 25, 2017

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for April 25th

In a world where streaming movies in HD is growing in popularity, it gets harder and harder to justify spending hard earned money on physical media. The fact is though that when done right, nothing makes a movie look or sound better on Blu-ray, so we bring you The Digital dread Report to help you figure out what's worth buying, and what you're better off streaming.

The next Tuesday we see will be in May, so this is the last week that April has to impress us with its Blu-ray & DVD releases.

And it kinda does.

  1. Available on DVD only, Mean Dreams is the release that we covet most this week. It looks great, and being that it's Bill Paxton's last movie (or one of the very last), it's one that we're eager to give a spin in our player.
  2. I suppose the #1 spot this week should go to either The Girl With All the Gifts or Underworld: Blood Wars, as they're definitely the week's biggest releases, and they'll probably both look great on Blu-ray, but as good as TGWATG was, and as fun and the latest UW flick might be, they're VOD rentals for us.
  3. Next we have Dead Waters, which is an ultra-obscure Italian flick from the 90's that has a Lovecraftian feel about it (at least to me), or maybe it's more of a general Gothic atmosphere. Either way, it's cool that we're finally getting it on Blu-ray, so a new generation of Horror fans can experience it.
  4. Then there are a bunch of more obscure titles like Double Exposure, Psycho Cop, Exterminator 2, and The Other Hell, all of which are fun flicks to revisit. The Other Hell has us particularly excited, because we love cheap, 80's Italian Horror flicks, and Bruno Mattei made them like few others. 
  5. And as always, everything else is a crap-shoot.

Be sure to click the pics below to buy the movies, or even rent them. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

DarkDeDoExGiIoPsychoScreamingUnUnd170 x 21443BAbMeanPortal

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