January 21, 2016

Updated: What's New on Netflix?

Since we last undated our What's New on Netflix page, they've actually added some decent (or at least potentially decent) movies to their line-up.

  • First off, Blumhouse Pictures has released three of its newer movies to Netflix, all of which have never been released elsewhere; Curve, The Veil, and Visions.  
  • It didn't take long for Contracted: Phase 2 to end up on Netflix either, which probably speaks to its overall appeal.
  • We really liked The Last Survivors, but then we're suckers for a good Post-Apocalyptic story. (Read our review HERE.)
  • Visions was decent enough, if not very intense or scary. (Read our review HERE.)
  • When Animals Dream is a different take on the Werewolf flick, done Danish style. Good stuff. (Read our review HERE.)
  • Everly was a fun action flick. Salma Hayek is still looking great at 50.
  • And we've always liked Serenity more than the show it was spawned from, Firefly. We're probably in the vast minority on that one though.

*Click the pics below to be taken to each movie's Netflix page, and happy streaming!



  1. I noticed you added Z Nation to the recently added, but it's the only addition you don't talk about =)


  2. I Just watched 'The Veil' on Netflix... It was pretty damn creepy.
    Listen, I have never really cared for Thomas Jane, he always plays the same thing, the good guy kinda deal. Expect for that latest movie with Bruce Willis where he has long hair and tries to play a bum cop(not convincing at all). Except for a obscure movie call 'Thursday'(Look it up, he plays a guy having a bad day, lol), he really hasn't had a good role. HOWEVER, in 'The Veil', he deserves a f**king Oscar for playing against type, a total sleazeball Jim Jones/Elvis guy. Watch it, you have to agree...

    1. Actually own Thursday on DVD. That's a great movie :PP

      Checking out The Veil soon.