January 13, 2016

THC's 2016 Movie Preview!

With the new year comes a slew on new movies for us to enjoy (at least potentially), and so we decided to put together a 2016 Movie Preview, so that we could keep track of what's coming out and when.

There will be four parts to this preview:
  • January-March (Which lists the most movies with actual release dates,  because we're in that time frame now.)
  • April-September (Which is a bigger stretch, because less movies have been firmly set for release.)
  • 4th Quarter & TBA (The TBA portion lists the most movies in general, because so many have yet to receive 2016 release dates.) 
  • Non-Horror flicks (Because we need to know when the Comic Book, Action, and Sci-Fi flicks are hitting the big screen.)

No matter what your tastes, there will be no shortage of movie-going options in 2016. While reading through the previews below, be sure to keep in mind that...

  • There are plenty of other Horror & Genre films, both big and small, that are set to see release this year. We're only covering the biggest ones, and the ones that interest us the most though, because trying to cover them all would be pointless. Sorry if we miss any that are on your radar. 
  • Release Dates are always subject to change, and some of them probably will.  
  • You can click the pics to be taken to each movie's IMDB page, for more in-depth info and trailers.
  • LEGEND: THEATRICAL, VOD (Video On Demand), LIM (Limited Theatrical), BD (Blu-ray), DVD.


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