July 11, 2015

#SDCC: The Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 is 4 Minutes of Awesome!

The biggest show on TV is returning this October, and this 4-minute look at Season 6 has got us all kinds of excited for it to start already.

  • Looks like we're going to be seeing The Herd.
  • Ditto, The Wolves.
  • Who is going to die this season? Glenn? Darryl? Captain Janeway?
  • Will Negen finally debut? And if so, will it be at the mid-season break, or during the season finale?
  • Are they setting us up for a Rick vs. Morgan fight of some kind? We hope not, because they are supposed to be boys!

Whatever comes, we know that it will not only be zombie-licious, but that it will also mess with our emotions like few other shows can.

Since Fear the Walking Dead is premiering on August 23rd, we think it's safe to assume that the season premiere of The Walking Dead will fall on either October 11th or 18th.

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