July 30, 2015

ICYMI: The Blu-ray & DVD Releases of July!

July is about to bid us farewell, and give way too the hot days of August, and yet here we are feeling like Summer has only just begun. With the Fall right around the corner, and October only two short months away now, it's time to get ourselves in gear to celebrate another Halloween season... and that means stocking up on movies to binge-watch during our 31 favorite days of the year.

The point is, there's always a good reason to buy the Movies & TV Shows that we love, and at this time of year, even more so. 

The Must Own Movie Releases of July: Contamination, Maggie, The Town that Dreaded Sundown (DVD), Ex Machina, It Follows, I, Madman, What We Do in the Shadows, Burying the Ex, and White God.

The Must Own TV Shows for June: House of Cards, Bitten, and MTS3K XXXIII (DVD)

So if you missed any of the great titles that July brought us, click below to order them now, and here's looking towards an even better August!

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