December 27, 2014

The Middlins of 2014

Before we get into the Best & Worst Movies of 2014, we have to take a minute to make mention of the year's Middlins. What is a Middlin, you ask? Well the term is taken from the idiom "Fair to Middling," which for our purposes, can mean a few different things:

  • Above average, but didn't make our "Best of 2014" list.
  • Good, but had issues.
  • Average.
  • Not that great, but had some redeeming qualities.

Basically, these are the movies of 2014 that were "Not good enough to be one of The Best, but not bad enough to be one of The Worst." It's all subjective, of course, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

All of these movies are worth a watch.

*For more info on these movies, click through to the reviews.


A few quick notes:
  • About the movies on this list that we didn't review outright: Deliver Us From Evil was a solid movie, much better than most critics gave it credit for; ditto, The Quiet Ones; Stonehearst Asylum was a really good flick, just not very Horror-like; The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears isn't much more than an odd curiosity, but it is a gorgeous one; V/H/S is as mediocre as every film in the series has been, and that's us being generous. Blah.
  • We really liked Afflicted, Asmodexia, and The Damned a lot.
  • We found All Cheerleaders Die, Housebound, Odd Thomas, and Open Grave to be above average, each in their own way, they just didn't make the cut for our "Best of" list.

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