December 19, 2014

The Horror Hotties of 2014

There never seems to be a shortage of gorgeous women in the Movies & TV Shows that we love, and for that, we are truly thankful.

Any woman that stars in a Horror flick goes through hell, that's just a fact. They get murdered, raped, stalked, possessed, and terrorized. They get beat, cut, stabbed, decapitated, disemboweled, hung, burned, and broken. They get covered in blood, vomit, and plenty of other unsavory substances...

And though it all, THEY LOOK GOOD DOING IT

The bottom line is that while we may tend to talk about their boobs and butts an awful lot, we truly realize that Horror movies simply couldn't exist without the talented and dedicated ladies that star in them. They make the dark and bloody fictional worlds that we love a bit more easy to endure, with their beauty and talent alike, and plus they usually run around in skimpy outfits (or nothing at all), which is pretty nice too.

So let us take a look at the Horror Hotties of 2014 that had the biggest impact on us. We've listed them A-Z so as to avoid any sort of ranking controversy... because feminism, or something. 

Starred in: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (our review), Odd Thomas (our review.) In 2014, Addison Timlin is a great little actress who starred in two movies that we really enjoyed (on different levels), and though she didn't get naked in either of them, she did bravely bare her cameltoe in Odd Thomas, which, um... kinda shows off her grooming habits.

That takes courage.

Starred in: True Detective. In the Year of our Lord 2014, Alexandra Daddario at long last got naked on film, blessing the world with an unfettered look at her massive sweater puppies. She's one of the most gorgeous women that we've ever laid eyes on, and now that we've finally seen her naked, it feels as if everything is right with the universe. World-Class, her breasts are.

Also, True Detective was a really good show.

Starred in: Starry Eyes (our review.) Yet another actress that starred in only one Horror project in 2014, Alex Essoe made quite an impression on the Horror Community with her performance in Starry Eyes.  It was a great movie in its own right, but it was Essoe who made it work as well as it did. It also doesn't hurt that she's really hot, and that she got all kinds of naked in the movie.

She's got a great career ahead of her, but for now, we're just happy that we got to see her in Starry Eyes.

Starred in: All Cheerleaders Die (our review.) Where Brooke Butler came from, we have no idea, but we're sure glad that she did. We're usually not partial to blondes (don't ask, just a preference thing), but there's no denying that this sassy, golden-locked minx is one of the hottest chicks that we've seen in any movie this year.

More, please.

Starred in: The Walking Dead, The Following. Super QT Emily Kinney stole our hearts as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead, and we saw those hearts broken when they killed her off on the show. Now, we're not really sure when we'll see her in anything Horror-related again. That makes us sad.

R.I.P Beth.

Starred in: Penny Dreadful (our review), 300: Rise of an Empire (our review)White Bird in a Blizzard, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Do we really need to explain why Eva Green is on this list? Not only did she star in plenty of Genre fare in 2014, most of which was entertaining, but she's sickeningly gorgeous to boot. The fact that she'll get naked in anything makes us love her even more. Honestly, the woman is fearless.

We love you, Queen Eva.

Starred in: Horns (our review), Maleficent, Sin City: A Dame to Kill for. We love Juno Temple because she's an Indie darling that doesn't think it beneath her  to take on "lesser" Horror & Genre roles, which is pretty great. Also, she's smoking hot. Also, much like the aforementioned Eva Green, Juno isn't the least bit afraid to get naked on film, which she does often. We also really liked her in Horns, which wasn't quite as good as the book, but still worked well for the most part.

Juno Temple is a talented free spirit, and she's one of our faves, looks and talent-wise.

Starred in: Oculus (our review), Guardians of the Galaxy. This sexy British ginger starred in two of the year's best movies, one of which was a monster Box Office smash. Also, she proved that if a woman if truly gorgeous, she can completely shave her head and it does not make a difference. We do like her better with that fiery hair though.

Her star is only going to continue to rise. Bring on Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

Starred in: Hannibal, See No Evil 2 (our review), Torment (our review), Being Human. Over the past few years, we're pretty sure that Katharine Isabelle has become the Canadian version of Danielle Harris; both of those girls are not only smoking hot, but they both always seem to have multiple Genre projects going at any given time. She killed it as Margot Verger on Hannibal, and we're hoping that we'll be seeing more of her in Season 3.

Katharine Isabelle is a modern-day Scream Queen, without question.

Starred in: Miss Meadows (our review), The Giver. We had to give a little bit of year-end love to Katie Holmes, because at almost 40-years-old, she's making a bit of a comeback, and she looks pretty damn good doing it.

Miss Meadows was an odd movie though, so beware.

Starred in: Proxy (our review), Killer Mermaid, The Following. We've adored the hell out of Kristina Klebe ever since she played Lynda in Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, and not just because she got naked in it.. although we didn't that at all. In 2014, she kicked ass in Proxy, and starred along-side of the legendary Franco Nero in Killer Mermaid, and she's still as hot as ever. So, she had a pretty great year.

Now, let's get Killer Mermaid 2 going, because we need a follow-up to that ending.

Starred in: The Guest (our review.) She only starred in one Horror movie that saw proper release in 2014 (the awesome The Guest), but don't despair, because she's about to blow the fuck up in 2015; It Follows looks to be every bit as good as was The Guest, and by some accounts, it may even be better. She's on one hell of a career roll so far, and  we hope it continues for her.

Did we mention that Maika Monroe is straight edge? Because she is. 

Starred in: Honeymoon (our review), Game of Thrones. Another bit of ginger minge for our list, Rose Leslie is a sexy, pale Goddess whom we just can't get enough of. She terrified us in Honeymoon, and broke our hearts in Game of Thrones, and we can't wait to see her in The Last Witch Hunter next year.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow" will always be her line. R.I.P Ygritte.

Starred in: Bates Motel, Ouija (our review), The Quiet Ones, The Signal. Olivia Cooke quietly had herself one hell of a busy year in 2014. While she's probably most famous for playing Norman Bates' sickfu on Bates Motel, she's also proven that she's capable of carrying a movie as well. Super cute and talented, we'll gladly see whatever Olivia's got coming out in 2015.

Just no sequel to Ouija, please.

There were plenty of other lovely ladies that entertained & ensorcelled us in 2014, and we have to highlight at least a few more of them here. They definitely deserve some love.

*Click their pics to be taken to their IMDB pages.


  1. As a woman who loves horror, I would love a male hotties post. I can't be the only one. Can I?

  2. You are probably not the only one, Dissolved Girl.

    Tell you what, after the first of the year, when Christmas is over, and when we're all caught up and done with the 2014 posts that we still need to do, I will personally do a Male Hotties post.

    Feel free to give me some suggestions as to what it should containor you'll be stuk looking at what I think you'd think was hot. *No Channing Tatum though. That's a hard line I WILL NOT cross :)

  3. Thanks so much! You're the best! This is my favourite horror blog (I read it every day) :) I've never understood the attraction to Channing Tatum so no worries there!

    In no particular order. Brian Hallisay (Hostel and Jessabelle), maybe it's just me but I think Pat Healy is hot! Tony Todd, Ryan Reynolds (sorry), Jensen Ackles (sorry again), Aidan McArdle (Maybe a bit obscure. From The Borderlands), Kurt Russell (but only in The Thing...that hat!), Bruce Campbell :)

    That's all I can think of for now :) Thanks again!

  4. Don't ever be sorry for liking Ryan Reynolds. He's cool.

    Jensen Ackles you can be sorry for lol