December 8, 2014

Our TV Release Dates List has been updated; 12 shows ending this week.
There are no TV Premieres this week (or this month for that matter, save for Marco Polo on Netflix), but there are 12 shows leaving the airwaves between Dec. 7th-13th, two of them for good.

Yes, the TV landscape is going to be pretty barren after this week, but it's The Holidays, so that's to be expected. Still., it's going to suck not to have some of our favorite shows to fall asleep to, until things pick back up in January.

*To see everything that is currently airing (and what's coming soon), be sure to check out our TV Release Dates Page.

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After 7 fantastic seasons, Sons of Anarchy will end its run on Tuesday. Although it's definitely had its ups and downs, Sons is one of our favorite shows, and Tuesday nights will feel a little emptier for us after the 3-hour long finale (includes Anarchy Afterword) is over. If you've never seen SOA, then you should really check it out, as it truly is a great show that packs tons of action and emotional beats that have thrilled us and killed us since 2008. If you have watched it, and you love it like we do, then we share in your sadness at seeing it end.

As for Gracepoint, FOX hasn't officially announced its cancellation, but it's quite possibly done after this week's Season 1 Finale. A remake of the hit U.K. show, Broadchurch, Gracepoint always felt like a pale imitation of the original to us, so if FOX does announce a Season 2, we'll be surprised. For now, we're considering this the end of the show.

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*A few of these shows ended last week, but we're including them here because. Just because. That's it.

Of all the shows airing their season finales this week (mid, or otherwise), It's Kingdom that we'll miss the most.

Where this DirecTV drama about the world of MMA came from, and how it's been so figging good, we can't say, but damn it if Kingdom hasn't been one of the best TV Shows that we've watched all year.

Watching Frank Grillo, Jonathan Tucker, and Matt Lauria do their beastly thing each week has been a genuine pleasure for us to witness, and I'll tell you right now, they've all given Emmy-worthy performances in this show. Even Nick Jonas (yes, one of The Jonas Brothers) is fantastic in this show, and we do realize how ridiculous that sounds.

Kingdom is a drama of the highest order, and if you don't have DirecTV, then definitely check it out when it inevitably hits Blu-ray & DVD. If you do have DirecTV, then what are you waiting for?


  1. Just to make your day I believe that we're getting a second series of Broadchurch over here(Yup I'm a UK subscriber) so hopefully that'll hit your shores shortly after us. I'm hoping that a second season of Z Nation has been commissioned as I've enjoyed it more than the other zombie program(yes I know, I'm terrible person)

  2. I did hear something about Broadchurch, Zocial, and I'm thrilled. I personally love a lot of the 6-8 episode dramas that the UK turns out. Luther, The Fall, Mr. Selfridge, Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror, Skins, Downton, The Shadow line... Such good stuff.

    Haven't watched Z Nation (because it looked shit to us), but maybe we'll give it a go. Lots of people seem to like it.

  3. On the Black Mirror front, I saw advertised last night that there will be a Christmas one. How that'll pan out I don't know but it could be good. Z Nation is typical SyFy fare to be honest, I just found it enjoyable easy watching and DJ Qualls plays a good role too.