December 30, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for December 30th

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There aren't very many titles of note hitting store shelves this week, which is alright with us, because we're still tapped out from Christmas.

The few releases that we are getting, however, are at least solid ones.

BDz-infoeqTusk170 x 224
Tusk (our review HERE) is a goofy, ridiculous movie that was born of a joke, and yet somehow became an actual film. This movie is good for two things: a dark, extremely tongue-in-cheek laugh; and Michael Parks' intense performance, the latter being the best part of the movie without question. At the very least, Tusk is something completely different that manages to entertain, despite itself.

The Equalizer is a fun action flick. It doesn't get much better than Denzel Washington killing absolutely everybody in the 'effing room in the name of revenge (ala Man on Fire), and director Antoine Fuqua does brooding machismo better than most (King Arthur, Tears of the Sun, etc...) This one is definitely worthy or a rental or purchase.

TVz-infobanshee170 x 224170 x 224
A shameless cacophony of sex & violence, Banshee is one of our favorite shows on TV. If you've never seen this highly-enjoyable Cinemax Original, then get a hold of Season 1 (either on Blu-ray, or via Cable On-Demand), and give it a spin. We promise you'll be entertained... if you like shameless, exploitational fun, that is.

Not much to report on the DVD front this week, although App was a pretty decent German Thriller.

Don't worry, we're sure that things will get better in 2015...

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