March 22, 2013

I hope all spammers die.

I know that sounds rather harsh, but after finding 38 comments awaiting my approval that involved incoherent ramblings about Felshlights and Penis Blogs, it's well deserved. That's just how I feel.

Do random spammers in Guam honestly think that their crazy rambling spam comments are fooling anyone? "I have make an Blog site about this topic, here my link is and you come buy Fleshlight because penis need love from science!"

Well, they aren't, so there!

Word verification is back on, because I'm tired of sifting through sludge to post and respond to real posters with real comments.

Sorry for the lame Captchas that you'll have to type just to leave us some love/hate/wisdom.

... and now, back to it.


  1. No drama for me dude! Leave it on :)

  2. ... and that's why we love you!

    Whoever you are...