March 1, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of March 1st!

The first weekend in March is a busy one for Theaters, and as genre fans, we have plenty of options to choose from.

The biggest movie in general this week is Jack The Giant Slayer. It looks like it's geared more towards a younger crowd with it's humorous aspects, but it also looks pretty visually impressive, and with  Bryan Singer directing, we have faith that it will be a fun experience.

For Horror fans, the biggest release of the week (depending on your perspective, I suppose), is The Last Exorcism Part II. We thought the trailer for this one actually looked better than it had a right too, but we're still worried that it's going to suck. Not only was it not screened for critics (never a good sign), but early word on Twitter doesn't sound too promising at all. What can we honestly expect from a movie with such a ridiculously nonsensical title like this anyhow? Still, we'll see it, because that's what we do, but we're not very hopeful about the whole thing.

Phantom is also in wide release this week, and it looks to be taking a bit of a critical beating aw well. We love Ed Harris as much as we love the average "crazy shit going down on a submarine" movie, so we'll take our chances despite the negative press.

The big one for us, although its in very Limited Release and won't be playing anywhere near us until March 15th, is Stoker. One of our most anticipated titles of the year, Stoker is renowned Korean Director Park Chan-Wook's first Hollywood movie venture, and by all accounts it should be a good one. If it's playing near you at all, get your arse to the Theater and see it. This could be Best of the Year type material.

As for the rest of the week's new movies, they're all of the Limited Release variety.
The Sweeny was good, if you're looking to see a British Crime Drama. 
My Amityville Horror is an intriguing Documentary about Daniel Lutz, who recalls what growing up in the Amityville Horror house was like.
Rabid Love and The Frankenstein Theory will probably be easiest to catch on VOD, and could both be worth a look.

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