March 12, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for March 12th

Having just bought a PS3, I am personally taking it easy this week with any Blu-ray purchases, because I'm not made of money. (*and yes, I came late to the PS3 party, so shush.)

Still, there are some noteworthy releases that may just force me to open the old wallet anyhow...

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A Criterion version of The Blob is a cool thing. I much prefer the 1988 remake version (nostalgia), but how can anyone resist watching Steve McQueen vs. an angry gelatinous space monster? This one, we have to get.

Ripper Street is a great little series from the U.K., and much like Luther, Sherlock, and Copper, it's going in our Collection.

Finally we have Willow, which really, if I have to explain why it's a must own, you pretty much have no soul. Excellent flick. First time on BD. Ours.

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The Non-Gen stuff is pretty good this week, especially since we're all for bargain-priced 2-packs. Shooter, Gladiator, Troy and The Losers are all must own flicks, especially at those prices.

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Lots of good stuff in the Rent It section this week, especially of note are Curandero, Hitchcock, and In Their Skin.

We also have to give some credit to Grave Encounters 2; it wasn't a great movie at all, but it did have some pretty creepy parts that worked on us.

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I don't really need to explain why we're skipping these, do I? I mean, come on.


  1. I have just seen Mama and i feel you should too.

  2. We have seen Mama. In fact, there's a link to our Mama review over there in the right hand column :)