March 22, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of March 22nd

This week it's all about Gerard Butler saving 'Murica! from terrorists, and Selena Gomez's tits.

Olympus has Fallen is the big one of the week, and we're down for anything that stars Gerard Butler killing a mass amount of bad guys, so count us in for that one. For the record, we'd watch anything starring Morgan Freeman too, so, double bonus for us!

Spring Breakers has generated some positive buzz on the Festival Circuit, mainly because it showcases Selena Gomez and the chick from Pretty Little Liars having sex and behaving badly. Meh. It's not that we don't love young whores, or James Franco for that matter, it's just that we aren't going to pay to see this movie in Theaters. We'll catch this filthy chuck-wagon of shattered innocence when it hits Blu-ray, you know? Yeah.

What is interesting this week, is all of the smaller horror flicks seeing VOD/Limited Theatrical releases. There's a bunch of them, so take your pick, but our money is on A Resurrection and Windsor Drive... if we had to bet, that is.

*These little flicks are the ones that need our support, so if anything, maybe take a chance and catch one on VOD

So it's either Gerard Butler doing his "This. Is. Murica!" bit, or some barely legal Disney stars behaving badly... which just strengthens our belief that April 5th cant get here soon enough, because, Evil Dead.

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