March 1, 2013

Brittany Snow is February's Horror Hottie of the Month!

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Brittany Snow hasn't had the most prolific Horror movie career, but dammit, she's trying!

The first time we laid eyes on Brittany Snow, it wasn't in a horror movie per se, but in a disturbing little Indie film called On the Doll. That title and its implications alone are enough to give the average person the willies, but what lies within is even worse. One scene, in which our pretty little Brittany pummels some guys balls into oblivion, illustrates its disturbing nature best:

*Be warned, this video is most definitely NSFW

Brittany Snow in On the Doll

That's about as horrific as it gets, and yet, she stole our hearts despite making us incredibly wary of her.

From there she truly moved into our realm with 2008's Prom Night remake. The movie may not have been all that great, but Brittany made for a great Final Girl. The doe-eyed pretty girl was in trouble, and we feared for her safety! Alright, her being nice to look at made us care about her character more, we can't lie. Still, she did good.

I mean, just look at how bewildered and helpless she seems. Sure, we've seen her beat a guy unconscious (via his balls) in a fit of creepy rage, but we know that's not who she really is. She's vulnerable. She looks so confused, and lost, like nothing makes sense to her... how can that not touch our souls?

After barely surviving her Prom Night, Brittany Snow went a little batty and decided to dye her hair black, trying her best to act like a tough Goth chick, but we saw through her clever ruse. She did look pretty hot as a brunette though. *Oddly, she also look less bewildered and empty headed as a brunette, which leads us to believe that maybe she's just a good actress.


As well as her brunette experiment went, she eventually decided to become a redhead, which worked equally well for us. She was in full Fire-crotch glory in 2012's Pitch Perfect, which ended up being a funnier flick that we though it would be. Funny as it was, Brittany just couldn't help but regress to that dark and twisted place in her soul... by trying to rape Anna Kendrick in the shower! It's a truly chilling scene, which incidentally looks really good in Blu-ray.

What really elevated Brittany Snow to true Horror Hottie status though, was her turn in Would You Rather?. Not only was it a great movie which once again showcased her excellent Final Girl skills, but she actually executive produced the flick! You know why that's so awesome? Because it shows that she loves the Horror Genre, and isn't just some dumb ass actress out for any paycheck she can grab. She's the real deal.

Sadly, Brittany Snow went insane following the production of Would You Rather?, changing her name to Marnie Tethers, and embarking on an invasive Christmas caroling spree which saw her end up bankrupt and possibly facing jail time.

Insane or not, we still love us some Brittany Snow. She's too hot and talented for us not to.


  1. I dunno..her repartee in most movies tends to consist of "Oh..mah..gawd..shat...ahp" bring it on style dialogue, and she can't emote. If we're going to focus on the blondes off horror, off the top of my head, I like Paris Hilton in her supernatural cameo, and 13 from zombieland :). Megan Fox has done some creepy stuff too.

  2. Amber Heard (406 from Zombieland) has already been one of our Horror Hottie's.

    Paris hilton is not that hot, nor is she an actress, so no on her. We did like House of Wax though :)

    Megan Fox was in Jennifer's Body, and the only thing creepy about that one was that we had to sit through it. Never thought she was that hot, either.

    In all fairness, Paris is hotter than Megan Fox though :)

  3. Brittany Snow makes good eye candy as a victim, but Amber Heard wins top Horror Hottie! She makes you really root for her dark psychopathy in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.
    Anyway, this ball-busting scene (heh) from On the Doll follows an interesting trend of A-List actresses torturing men:
    Ellen Page in Hard Candy
    Rosario Dawson in Descent

    Nice post (sorry, I just found this blog today)!