March 5, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for March 5th

This week boasts some must have releases, but only one of them is of the Horror variety.

insc31978_largewiw2170 x 224170 x 224

The week in Non-Gen releases have us buying The Intouchables and Schindler's List. Both are great and powerful movies in their own ways, and we need them in our collections.

Wreck it Ralph is nothing we're buying, but we will be in the vast minority on that one. If you love animated flicks, picking this one up is a no-brainer.

noes170 x 224170 x 224

This set had been available for months as an exclusive at Best Buy, but this week sees it going wide, if you will. Lovers of Freddy who crave his movies in HD should lap this one up asap, because it gets no better than this set. As far as Freddy flicks go, anyhow.


Westworld is a cult classic of a sort, and definitely worth a look see, but we're not buying it.

The Bay was underwhelming, but worth a rental.

The Thorne series is a fun one, and definitely one we'd recommend. Depending on the price, we'd possibly consider buying this set, but for now it's a rent.

The rest we haven't seen, so we'll assume they're rental quality. You never know though, one or two of them may be worth buying... or skipping altogether. Crap shoots. my friends. Crap shoots.

skip it
64586_large170 x 224170 x 224

Red Dawn, we wouldn't take for free, let alone actually buy it. If you're looking for a great remake of an 80's classic that's filled with drama, high tension and amazing action... look elsewhere. This one was just bad. Really, really bad.

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