January 2, 2011

The Worst Horror Movies of 2010

2010 was filled to the brim with shitty movies. Here's the crap of the crop. Check out the original reviews if you want the in depth skinny as to why these movies were so bad. Overall, just avoid the hell out of these clunkers, and spend your time watching something else. Anything else, really.

Skyline- (Check the review here) This movie was so dreadfully bad, so sadly laughable, that I don't even know where to start. Skyline tricked us into thinking it was going to be another District 9; a lower budget movie that made the most out of what it had, and gave us a happy surprise for our money... but no. It made very little sense, gave us mostly unlikable characters, wasted some pretty decent acting talent and cool looking aliens, and offered us one of the worst ending sequences in recent memory. Say what you will, but this was an insultingly poor effort all around. We can only pray that there won't be a sequel. Ever.
 The Descent Part 2- (Check the review here) "Shit runs deep." That should have been the tagline on the poster, and it would have been perfectly fitting. Gone is any trace of the brilliance that made 2007's The Descent an instant classic, and in its place we get a cheesy, overacted, and mind-bottling mess of epic proportions. It felt as if everyone involved was trying to make an over-the-top, melodramatic parody of the first movie, only I think they were actually trying to make a good sequel. Lucky for the movie that Skyline came out this year too, because at least one movie got it more wrong than this one did.

My Soul to Take- It pains pains me to list this one amongst the years worst, but it had so much potential and ended up being tame and fairly lame, so what coul dI do? The concept of this movie was a strong one, and had Wes Craven stuck with that, he may have had a fun little movie on his hands. Instead, we get the supernatural O-Ke Doke when the plot reveals an uninspiring killer with confusing and silly motives, who uses silly means to get the silly killing done. Wes Craven is still fantastic, but this movie just fell way too short of anything good to be likable.
 Cabin Fever 2- (Check the review here) I understand now why Ti West wanted his name taken off of this movie. It took me a while to warm up to the first Cabin Fever, but in the end I think it's a campy, fun as hell little modern day cult classic. I was hoping for more of the same with the sequel, but it was such a mess, that I wonder how much crack/meth/crystallized Drano was smoked by this movies saboteurs. What they added in post, the re-shoots and re-edits, ruined what might have been a cool flick. Oh yeah, the producers and studio execs did all of that. This movie is a perfect example why people need to let directors direct, and not interfere.
 Survival of the Dead- (Check the review here) With Zombies being the latest popular trend in Horror, you'd think that the master of undead storytelling would be at the top of the heap, leading the pack and showing the rest how it's done... but alas, George Romero has made his 2nd bad Zombie movie in a row. Like Wes Craven, Romero definitely deserves our love as Horror fans, but the fact that this movie was boring and unremarkable makes us not want to share the love this time around.

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