January 17, 2011

A running tally of the years movies so far...

Her is the archive of reviews for the year 2011. Think of it as a handy reference. The movies below are grouped by letter grade, alphabetically so as not to give the impression of "order." Movies that are in bold are movies we've seen, but not reviewed. They are grouped in with other movies in their probable grade range, had we reviewed them. Some we will review, maybe. A+ The Troll Hunter A Battle : LA I Saw The Devil I Spit on Your Grave Megan is Missing Rare Exports Scream Stake Land Tucker & Dale vs Evil A- The Shrine Red, White & Blue The Man From Nowhere B+ A Horrible Way to Die Amer Bereavement Blitz The Devil's Rock Drive Angry 3D I Am Number Four In Their Sleep Insidious Little Deaths Mother's Day The Thing The Tunnel Wake Wood Wrong Turn 4 B Paranormal Activity 3 Rammbock Black Death We Are What We Are C+ Alyce Prowl The Resident C Blood Runs Cold Breadcrumbs Hatchett II Psyche:9 Quarantine 2 Red State Vlog C- Burke & Hare Dawning Fritt Vilt III Priest The Traveler Uninhabited The Vanishing on 7th street Vertige The Ward We Are the Night D+ The Bleeding House Creature The Orphan Killer Season of the Witch Yellowbrickroad D 11-11-11 D The Anniversary at Shallow Creek Choose Don't be Afraid of the Dark Exorcismus Fertile Ground Grave Encounters Siren Dylan Dog DO NOT WANT 8213: Gacy House Bloodlust Zombies Bunnyman Closed for the Season Episode 50 F Fading of the Cries Hellraiser: Revelations Hidden 3D Pelt The River Murders Rubber Shark Night 3D The Violent Kind The Bleeding

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