January 5, 2011

Quick Reviw: Someone's Knocking at the Door (2010)

"No. Just, No."

It's ridiculous how bad this movie was. I'm all for low-budget movies with limited resources trying to do their best, because effort counts big with me. However, when said low-budget movies make no sense, have ridiculous plot lines, and contain nothing believable whatsoever, we have a problem.

The premise of this movie is that a bunch of med students -all of whom seem to be blithering idiots as well as habitual drug users- listen to a tape of a murderous rapist couple, get high off of some mysterious drug in a syringe, and unleash the ghost couple who begin to rape them all to death.

Okay. Fine.

Unfortunately, the acting is so bad and most of the things that happen on screen are so annoying or moronic, that the normal parts of the movie end up feeling more ridiculous than do the convoluted genre plot devices.

This was basically our level of enjoyment.
I do have to admit, amidst all of the suck that makes up the bulk of this movie, some of the imagery was pretty disturbing, and to see a 500lb fat guy running naked and bloody down a hallway, swinging what literally had to be a 30lb dong around, was pretty funny.

Maybe it was all supposed to make sense once the ending arrived (giving us a shocking twist that explains why everything was so "weird" to begin with), but it was just to sloppy and poor to make any sort of difference.

You knew what this was!
Maybe I shouldn't complain about this movie so much, as the director of this one's other movies include Dances With Werewolves, Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!, and Tales from the Crapper. I have to believe that all of those are infinitely better than Someone's Knocking at the Door, though.

At least they seem to be played for laughs.

They're in this.

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