January 10, 2011

It's time for 10 Posters again...

You know the drill; horror movie posters/DVD box art can be misleading, so we are here to look at 10 posters that caught our eye, and pass judgment. It's what we do.
The trailer for this one doesn't look so bad... I'm kinda shocked.
Does this poster not scream "House of Twinks?" Not even her cleavage could save this clunker... Okay, maybe I'm crazy, but for a movie that claims to be the first ever movie filmed in one continuous take (not cuts), are there not a ton of cuts in this clip alone? Maybe the opening scene doesn't count. Check the CLIP here, and decide for yourself. Also, the chick on the cover is hot, but can't act to save her life. The ass is intriguing, but I know it wont be worth sitting through this one.. Love the old school-ish looking poster, but not being able to find a trace of a trailer online tells me to look no further than the neat art... I hope that the bear wins... With lines like "This isn't terrorism... these are snakes!" I have to wonder how is Tara Reid not doing porn yet? Is someone kidding? Check the TRAILER My God Ami Dolenz was so hot back in the 80's... This movie is pure suck though.

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