May 31, 2009

We just hit 100,000 page hits!

It's a proud moment for us here at THC; our little horror blog has been looked at and searched 100,000 times! I installed the hit counters sometime in November, just as a goof to see if people were actually checking us out on a regular basis. Imagine our surprise when the numbers kept climbing, and climbing... -The top number indicates actual page views. For instance, if you come here, that's one page view; if you click on 5 of our links, that's 5 more. -The bottom number is the number on unique ISP's that have visited the site. If you come here once, the number goes up by one and won't count you again unless you have one of those ISP's that change every time you browse the net. This first screen grab was taken by me on December 30th, 2008: This next one, was taken today: That's 83,618 times that people have read our pages since essentially the first of the year. It's also 62,072 new people who have found their way to us. To us, that's simply amazing. We love horror, we love all of our friends around the world (you), so keep coming back and we will keep doing our best to give you a reason to.

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