May 3, 2009

Review: Scream 3 (2000)

And finally, the end...
Cast Members of Note- Neve, David, Courtney, and Liev are all back, and this time we get Patrick Dempsey? Ugh. Also, Jenny McCarthy, Emily Mortimer, Parker Posey, and Lance Henriksen. Also, Joe Swanson from Family Guy, and Jay and Silent Bob!

Sidney lives on a secluded ranch now, somewhere out in the deep country, which reminds me a little bit of a cult compound. She's a shut-in crisis counselor too, which makes very little sense to me; if she's enough of a basket case that she won't leave her house, how is her advice supposed to help anyone else in crisis? It's kind of like a serial killer being an anger management counselor.

"How do you conquer your fears? Um... Hide?"
Anywho, on the set of Stab 3, people start dying off at the hands of a new and improved Ghostface. Dewey is on set as a technical adviser, and Gale shows up trying to pull her usually sneaky B.S., and Sidney has to come out of hiding to finally face her fears once and for all... sigh.

"Hello Sidney... I mean, Cotton! Booga booga!"
All kinds of mysterious phone calls, death, mayhem, revenge, and lame plot twists ensue. I won't spoil anything else for you here other than to say that I'm glad it's finally over. Until the next, inevitable sequel.

"Body armor, whaaaat!"
If you've seen one Scream, you've pretty much seen them all at this point; scary phone calls, a Ghostface Killer, Sidney fighting for her life, Dewey bumbling around after Gale, Jamie Kennedy spouting off about his Horror movies rules, lame twist endings... I will give this one some credit for a few new things though: The dead mom bits were pretty creepy; they had a very Nightmare on Elm Street feel to them. Sidney kicking some ass at the end was pretty good too. And Lance Henriksen, as always, rules.

Will we ever see Ghostface in axction again?
A little list of what was bad/sucked: Gail's bangs, too many jump scares, the lame mom back-story, and why in the world is McDreamy in this f'ing movie?

At this point, how many Uncles, Cousins, or Dishwashers that used to know Billy need to crawl out of the woodwork to carry on the "revenge?"

And seriously, WTF is with those bangs?
There's some decent stabbing and slashing, but as with the others, it should have been bloodier!

Feels familiar...
Third time is not the charm! We almost get to see a hot little number showering, but of course the glass doors are all fogged over. And why exactly wasn't Jenny McCarthy naked? She's a Playboy model for God's sake!

"Holy shit, Silent Bob... it's that TV news chick, Connie fucking Chung. Hey Connie, how's Maury? " Classic.

Jay and Silent Bob rule. 

They're actually in this!
This one was a decent "end" to the trilogy (although part 4 will be hitting theaters in 2010), but at this point it just felt like they were retreading familiar terrain just to do it. See it to be a trilogy completest, just realize that the best Scream moments came in parts 1 & 2.


Scream 3 is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

You shoulda been naked, Jenny, it's what your career is based on! Also, the other chicks from Scream 3.


  1. I only saw this one once. But, I remember being really distracted by Parker Posie's teeth. They were really yellow and marbled, as I recall.


  2. Parker's teeth are still not as distracting as those damn bangs! They made her ears look like Dumbo's.

    If I were to pick the best quotes, they would be the exact same as yours.

    This movie was a bunch of fun, even more so than the first two I'd say.

  3. And speaking of bangs, what's the deal with Courteney Cox's bangs in this?


  4. I was gonna say, we should definitely talk about her bangs some more.