May 3, 2009

Review: Scream 2 (1997)

The beginning of this movie rules, as Ghostface does what all of us have wanted to at one time or another in a movie theater; kill the loud, annoying bitch that won't shut up during the movie! Thank you Ghosty, thank you. ( Note: I condone this type of action in theory only, not practice. Mostly.) 

Sidney Prescott has moved on to college, bringing the one friend who survived the massacre back home along with her; and with the murder of the loud mouth in the theater and her boyfriend, a crippled Dewey and a mostly still bitchy Gale show up as well. Convenient how that all works out isn't it? Ah, realism.

All tough survivor-type girls get short, no-fuss hair cuts. Also, lesbians.
Again, people start dropping like flies and the clever phone calls begin anew, driving poor Sid to break up with her boyfriend and do some crazy interpretive dance/poetry shit that's far creepier/more disturbing than anything else she's ever been through. I won't spoil what comes next for you here, but suffice it to say that the body count rises and part three has an even more far-fetched plot and twist ending... 

Oh, so he's a DJ now. Got ya.
There is nothing new here that wasn't covered in the first Scream movie, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun. Sequels are a tough thing to pull off; either they serve only to rehash the same elements of the original, or they stray in such a "bold, new direction", that they kill the pre-established magic altogether.  This one works only because it's nothing more than a continuation of the characters lives in a sense, and we really liked some of them. Especially Dewey; how can you not pull for the guy. I think he even gets laid at the end of this one. Good for you Dewey!

On a quick side note, I'd like to point out that Jada Pinkett Smith rules; not only is she not afraid to be in some Horror flicks now and then, but she's the singer in a heavy metal band. That's pretty cool stuff for one of the first ladies of Hollywood to be pulling.

I even ended up liking her in this one.
I never thought I'd live to see the day that I'd have to witness Jerry O'Connell do a dance number, but did it have to be "I think I love you?" Man, I actually cringed.

Jerry please stop.
I really didn't like the twist ending, nor the fact that once the shocking twist was revealed, that we had to watch "the killer" operate sans Ghostface garb. That being said, the twist in part 3 is even more lame...  

Why would you ever take that iconic costume off?
This one was a lot bloodier than it's predecessor, but still it's a pretty standard gore quotient for a theatrical Horror movie.  

Dewey live, or Dewey die?
Sigh. Another Rated-R slasher flick filled with no nudity... throw a brother a boob, would ya? Stop wasting so much hot talent by keeping them clothed all the time!  

I've always dreamed of stabbing Sarah Michelle Gellar in exactly this same position, only not with a knife.
"I'm gonna get some donuts, some Prozac, see if I can find some crack, Special K, X... not Malcolm, and I'll be back when y'all start talking about somethin' a little more Saved By The Bell-ish!" I LOL'd.  

Sorority chicks are vapid and annoying. Also, plot twists can be pretty lame sometimes. 

Is this a mirror?
This was a pretty worthy follow up to Scream, and even surpassed it in some ways; still, the plot twist ending, which was a stretch to say the least, kept this one from being another classic flick. Watch this back-to-back with part uno, and you should end up liking it for the most part.


Scream 2 is available now on Blu-rayDVD, and VOD.

Scream 2 added plenty of new hotness to the mix...


  1. The cameraman has the best lines...I don't think Kevin Williamson wrote that one.

    And I agree. That theatre stuff was fucked.

  2. Williamson wrote the first on and had input on the next two. He's also writing the 4th...

    And yeah that camera man was great...