June 1, 2009

Only two weeks left until...

True Blood, HBO's awesome vampire show that was everything Twilight wished it was, returns two Sundays from now! This show is just simply great, and I'm dying to see what unfolds this season: -Is Lafayette dead? He better not be, he was my favorite character throughout season one... -Will Sookie and Bill be together, or will Sam keep trying to hijack the vagoo? Or will Sookie one-up them both and start slutting around with Eric? -Will Evan Rachel Wood get naked? Even Vampire Queen's need love you know... -What is The Maenad up to, other than looking pretty hot herself? -Will sassy little Jessica wear that School Girl outfit again? -Am I way too focused on hot chicks? We will begin to find out the answers to these plaguing riddles in only two short weeks! **Spoiler** (The answer to the last question is a resounding yes, yes I am.) **End Spoiler**
Sweet Jesus do I love you.


  1. I try to view a least one horror film per day. Is you're schedule similar? Or do you wait for a weekend for example and watch many at a time?

  2. Actually, I like watching one a day if I can too... the problem is that posting a review about what I/We watch can take 2-4 hours with gathering pictures and info, formatting, writing, editing... so it may not seem as if we do one a day...

    Then again there are times that I watch 2 or 3 movies in a row and have to "catch up" with the review process :)

    I guess the moral of the story is that I take it when I can get it! LOL