June 21, 2009

Quick Review: Dead Wood (2009)

"Four friends escape the grime of the city and head out into the woods for a peaceful, relaxing weekend. Events take a sinister turn when a mysterious girl appears in their camp looking for her boyfriend. Soon the nightmare begins as they find themselves lost in an endless wilderness stalked by a deadly force. As those left fight for survival they will discover the true nature of fear."

I don't like to shit on the smaller films. I know in a lot of cases that TONS of heart goes into them, but in the end, bad is bad and there's nothing for it but to call it like we see it.

Sorry, Dead Wood.
Camping is terrifying!
  •  30 minutes in, and the only thing that has happened is camping.
  • Every bit of dialogue in this movie must have been re-dubbed in the studio; it sounded hollow and tinny. The dubbing distracted me the whole time. If I'm wrong, and it's not dubbed, then the sound sucked really bad.
  • The acting is pretty bad. The script isn't much better. For these two reasons, it's impossible to give a shit about the characters, and therefore, feel scared for them.
  • 1 hour in, more camping, some running, a spinning camera, one creepy scene, and two people disappear. The movie is only 1 hour 25 minutes long.
  • Where is the tension? The film crew rustling trees and bushes with their hands doesn't count. Neither does shaking/spinning the camera.
  • Whats with a guy being named "Milk" anyways?

Us too, luv.
There are a few bright spots in Dead Wood, but for the most part, NOTHING HAPPENS. The last third of the film starts to deliver a bit more on the Horror promise (especially with some really good FX work), but by then I was just not interested anymore.

Overall it just takes to long to get to the point, and even when it does, it isn't very good. Consider me disengaged.

She's in this, and that's at least a good thing.

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