October 7, 2017

Short Film Saturday: House Mother (2017)

It's got to be hard making short films, as no matter how great they may be, as they kind of disappear into the nether after their initial Festival Circuit runs are finished, if they are even lucky enough to get one.

That's why we've decided to showcase some of the many great Horror Shorts that are out there floating around the Interwebs: some are scary, some are fun, and every now and then, we even find one that's a work of art.

The bottom line is that plenty of time and effort went into making them, so they at least deserve to be seen, don't they?

"The hazing process at PHI KAPPA PHI takes Sarah to places she never thought she could go…and gives Demetria just enough power…to rise again…to judge the sisters of Phi Kappa Phi with brutal finality."

Evil sorority sisters hazing half-naked girls with whore written across their foreheads?

Sure, we'll check it out.

Well, as a proof-of-concept thing, House Mother certainly impresses. It looks sharp, is full of hot girls acting inappropriately, it's got an interesting premise, we'd pay to see 90-minutes more of it. 

Oh yeah, and that's the one and only Barbara Crampton underneath that Demon make-up. *Although we've got to admit, it looked a bit campy. Go simple on the Demon look, guys.

Here's to hoping that this one gets the full-length treatment.

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