February 1, 2017

What's New on VOD in February?

Where January was an alright month on the VOD front, February looks to kick it up a few notches, and be a great one.

The Blackcoat's Daughter (delayed more than once) and The Girl With all the Gifts (UK only until this point) will both finally be available for a mass audience to see; theatrical releases like Incarnate, Nocturnal Animals, The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Shut In, and Doctor Strange will be available for home viewing; then there's Havenhurst, The Love Witch, Elle, XX...

This is going to be a great month to rent a movie. Or five.

We've updated our VOD Release Dates Page to reflect February's VOD releases, as well as some of March's. You can check out a preview below, or visit the full page in the link above.

*Keep in mind that release dates can, and most likely will change.

FEBRUARYFeb 1 LIMFeb 3Feb 33Feb 3lFeb 7Feb 7cFeb 7sFeb 7lFeb 7dFeb 7 VOD7Feb 10 VOD LIMFeb 10dFeb 10 VODFeb 14dFeb 14mFeb 14sFeb 14Feb 16 DirecTVFeb 17 VOD LIM17Feb 2121Feb 21 (2)Feb 24 VOD LIMFeb 24Feb 28Feb 28Feb 28Footer


  1. February (or The Blackouts Daughter) and Nocturnal Animals are fucking phenomenal, and Elle and The 9th Life of Louis Drax are really good too, while Incarnate was kinda trashy, but really fun. Out of rest, looking foward to The Love Witch and Desierto.

    1. Agree on the first two movies. Have yet to seeElle or Drax, but amlooking forward to it.

      The Love Witch was good... if you like that old 70's kind of flick. It's a great homage.

      Love your taste, Miguel!