February 3, 2017

Horror Hotties: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore captured everyone's heart with her role in E.T. at the age of 7. She started smoking when she was 9, drinking when she was 11, and by 13, she was all about the cocaine. The kid had a rough childhood, but somehow, she rose above it all, and ended up becoming America's Sweetheart in the process.

Well always love her for playing Casey Becker in Scream; the movie that basically saved Horror in the 90's, and also gave her career a good, positive jump-start. Well also always love her for playing Ivy in Poison Ivy (1992); because when we were young, impressionable lads, that dirty, dirty girl gave us fits.

She was hot then, she's hot now, and with her role in The Santa Clarita Diet, she's returned to the genre that she helped revive in the 90's.

Life is good.

Drew, through the years.

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