February 18, 2017

"Castle Rock" Series Coming From Stephen King & J.J. Abrams!

Castle Rock, Maine, has long been the center of Stephen King's literary universe, making it perhaps the most terrifying fictional town in America (Derry is a close 2nd.) Cujo, The Dead Zone, Stand By Me, and Needful Things all took place there, while many other King stories have a connection to the town.

Now, out of nowhere, King and Abrams announced today that they've been working on a hush-hush TV show about Castle Rock, and the news has made our week.

Will it be an anthology which showcases King's various terrors? Or will it bring all of his greatest evils together and have them operating in one place, at the same time? Details are scare, but judging by the trailer, we're in for some crazy shit.

The trailer below references a ton of characters, places, and quotes from King's stories that his lifelong fans will recognize. To point out a few of the more obscure ones: Mr. Gray (Dreamcatcher); Joe St. George (Dolores Claiborne); Little Tall Island (Storm of the Century); Richard Bachman (King's early pen name under which he wrote Thinner and The Running Man); and Richard Vickers (Creepshow.)

And of course you saw 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, Shawshank, It, and Misery, prominently featured.

Whatever it ends up being, we are all in on this one.

Check it out below.

Castle Rock will premiere on HULU "Soon."

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