February 20, 2017

The Final Season of Bates Motel Begins Tonight!

It's about to get Psycho, literally, on Bates Motel, as the show begins its final season tonight on A&E.

It sucks that its coming to an end, because Bates Motel was a solid staple in out TV watching schedule, but 5 seasons is a good run for a good show. While we're excited to see how it all ends, I have to say the casting of Rhianna is a bit of a head-scratcher; can she even act, or did they add her to the final season for the purpose of hype alone?

We'll find out starting tonight, I'd imagine.

Whatever the case may be, I'm sure that Bates Motel will go out in a blaze of creepy glory.

Season 5 of Bates Motel premieres tonight at 10 on A&E. Don't miss it.

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