August 5, 2016

What's New on VOD This WeeK? (8/2-8/5)

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To say that this week is a huge one for VOD is an understatement, as 15 new movies hit streaming platforms this week. That's so much variety, that we may not be able to keep up!

  • As of right now, The Remains and Let's Be Evil are available on iTunes only. We'll update our VOD Release Dates Page when they hit Amazon. 
  • ABCs of Death 2.5 is streaming exclusively on Vimeo

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?
"Four young Americans sign up to work as counsellors in a remote Spanish camp, but visions of a fun-filled summer quickly fade when one of them suddenly snaps and attacks the others. Before the group even realize what's happening, a rage-inducing virus begins to take hold, spreading rapidly among the counsellors who must turn on one another if they have any hope of surviving the night."

Friday the 13th meets [REC]? Kinda looks like it to us, and we mean that in a good way. Summer Camp looks like one hell of a fun time, and although there never seems to be a shortage of "Infected" movies these days, we love that the virus eventually wears off in this one, so killing your friends to survive isn't such a cut and dry solution.

Rent it, because it looks like crazy fun.
"Forced to endure a bizarre health regimen by her caretaker (Barbara Crampton), a recovering mental patient (Sarah Hagan) becomes obsessed with a young woman (Sara Malakul Lane) to whom she feels an inexplicable connection."

The trailer for Sun Choke looks all kinds of intense and trippy, and the fact that Barbara Crampton is playing the (potential) bad guy in this one only makes us want to see it more. Also, Sara Malakul Lane is crazy hot (check out her Horror Hottie post HERE), so, bonus.

Rent it, because it has potential to be great.
"A retired bodyguard who has settled into a corner of the world where China, Russia and North Korea meet as he suffers from early dementia finds a new friend in a young girl. When her life is threatened by her father's connection with a local crime lord, .the bodyguard must call upon his long forgotten skills to save her."

This HK action flick looks like it might be right up our alley. Sammo Hung has made a long career out of bringing kick-ass martial arts action to the screen, and The Bodyguard looks like it will be a positive addition to his legacy.

Rent it, because you love Kung Fu flicks. Or Samo Hung.

Oh, we're not done yet...

  • ABC's of Death 2.5 is a collection of leftover entries from ABCs 2, so it's more of a "let's release this for now, until we get the third movie ready" type of thing than it is a sequel. Might be interesting. We'll probably wait to catch it on Netflix
  • The Amityville Terror is a movie that is probably going to be very bad. Is that even the Amityville House on the poster? We'll watch it, because one of us has a serious addiction for all things Amityville, good or bad, but we're not expecting much. You may want to skip it though
  • Edge of Winter looks like a really solid Thriller, and we'll be checking it out as soon as time permits. Rent it.
  • Embers looks like an interesting Sci-Fi flick that gave off a heavy Ex-Machina vibe to us when we watched the trailer. We're definitely curious to check it out
  • Let's Be Evil looks interesting, even if the whole "Google Glass" POV part of it sounds a bit like a gimmick. We're definitely renting this one.  
  • Mind's Eye, The Remains, and The Suffering all look like they may be on the good end of the low budget, Indie quality scale. 
  • And everything else, as always, is a crap shoot. 
  • Happy streaming!

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  1. Have heard good things about Mind's Eye, with some of what I've heard comparing it to Scanners, complete with exploding heads. I didn't know Let's Be Evil was already out. I want to see that. Same with Summer Camp. Still have to see Viral from last week as well.

    I thought The Binding was a religious drama or otherwise made to push an agenda.

  2. I've watched The Bodyguard. You made a typo, his name is SaMMo Hung and at the age of 64, he still delivers. I found it refreshing that his age mattered in this movie. In most cases, even ancient looking kung fu masters fight without shedding one drop of sweat or need more air but this time, they decided to make the figth scences not flattering for the old dude. But the choreography of those fights were beautiful. Just keep in mind, this is an asian movie and not Hollywood.

    I've watched The Binding, too. It was a religious drama, indeed. But convincing and the acting was good. Not able to call it a horror movie, though.

    1. Thanks, Myra. fixed it.

      Can't wait to see The Bodyguard. Glad it was good.