August 15, 2016

Horror Hotties: The Girls of Urge (2016)

Ahead of our review of Urge, we wanted to take a minute or two to show off the best part of the movie, which was the ladies who populated its drug-addled world.


We were never big fans of Ashley Greene's, but with each new role she's taken since Twilight, she's grown on us more and more, and now we're at the point where we like her just fine.

And it's not just because she's a sassy sex kitten who needs her cream. That's probably a big part of it though.

Sweet Jeebus, she's pitch perfect.

Didn't she date Leonardo DiCaprio or something?

One of our long-time faves, Alison Lohman hasn't been starring in much lately, so any chance we get to show her off, we're taking.

Not even sure who she was in the movie, but, hello.

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