August 19, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates for September & October!

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The Halloween Season is nearly upon us, and that makes our Release Dates Pages even more important; everyone needs to know what's coming out and when, to get ready to celebrate the creepiest time of the year properly, don't they?

It's time to start preparing for Halloween!

While we still have titles to add to make it complete, it's clear that there's no shortage of great movies hitting BD & DVD over the next few months. Check out the small preview below, but be sure to visit our full Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates Page for a more in-depth look at the noteworthy tiles that we'll all be watching this Fall.

  • ICYMI: Two big titles that were originally slated for an August release have seen their Street Dates pushed back: Dressed to Kill is now slated for September, while the Limited Edition Blu-ray set of The Walking Dead S5 is now set for December.

*Click these links to see our other Release Date Pages: Blu-ray & DVD, Theatrical, VOD, and TV.

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