August 18, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for August 18th!

As the sweltery days of August wear on, we at least have Tuesdays -and their gift of movies to watch in the comfort of our air-conditioned living rooms- to look forward to. Cub and Dressed to Kill are this week's biggest releases, although they aren't necessarily the only ones that are worth checking out. Read on!

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This dark, bloody imaginative fairy tale about a camping trip that turns into deadly carnage draws on such influences as Lord of the Rings, Friday the 13th and The Devil's Backbone. The story follows 12-year-old outcast Sam who, along with his troop of cub scouts and their teenage supervisors, camp in woods rumored to house a mysterious and deadly werewolf. Inquisitive Sam, certain the woods are inhibited by something evil, soon stumbles upon a feral young boy and, eventually, his evil psychopathic mentor. But convincing the others of the danger falls on deaf ears, and soon ingenious traps begin to take their violent toll on the group. A wildly entertaining killer in the woods actioner. NOTE: Dutch, French, Flemish languages with English subtitles.

A solid little Belgian Thriller/Exploitation flick, Cub is a Killer Kid movie with bite. We hate... and I mean HATE... that awful cover art, but the movie itself is worth at least a rental for most Horror fans, and a purchase for fans of messed up Euro Horror. *Read our review below to see why.

  • Deleted scenes.
  • SFX reel.
  • Short film (Blu-only)
  • Music video (Blu-only)
  • Trailers.
Brian De Palma ascended to the highest ranks of American suspense filmmaking with this virtuoso, explicit erotic thriller. At once tongue-in-cheek and scary as hell, Dressed to Kill revolves around the grisly murder of a woman in Manhattan, and what happens when her psychiatrist, her brainiac teenage son, and the prostitute who witnessed the crime try to piece together what happened while the killer remains at large. With its masterfully executed scenes of horror, voluptuous camera work, and passionate score, Dressed to Kill is a veritable symphony of terror, enhanced by vivid performances by Angie Dickinson, Michael Caine, and Nancy Allen.

Throughout the 70's and very early 80's, Brian De Palma released some top-tier Horror Thrillers. Carrie was probably the best of them -and his non-Horror movies like Scarface, The Untouchables, and Carlito's Way are probably his best movies overall- but there was always something about Dressed to Kill that terrified us as kids.
It's stylish as hell, and we can't wait to see that it looks like with the Criterion Collection treatment.

  • New, restored 4K digital transfer of director Brian De Palma's preferred unrated version, approved by the director, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray.
  • New interviews with actor Nancy Allen, producer George Litto, composer Pino Donaggio, shower-scene body double Victoria Lynn Johnson, and poster photographic art director Stephen Sayadian.
  • New profile of cinematographer Ralf Bode, featuring filmmaker Michael Apted.
  • The Making of "Dressed to Kill," a 2001 documentary featuring De Palma.
  • Interview with actor-director Keith Gordon from 2001.
  • Video pieces from 2001 about the different versions of the film and the cuts made to avoid an X rating.
  • Gallery of storyboards by De Palma.
  • Trailer.
  • PLUS: An essay by critic Michael Koresky.

There are some other worthwhile tiles this week down here int he bottom half of the order, a few of which we wouldn't mind owning for ourselves.

  • Angst is a twisted little Austrian movie from the 80's that follows a Serial Killer who terrorizes a family in disturbing fashion. Sounds like fun to us. 
  • Ejecta was decent enough if you're a fan of low-budget Sci-Fi Horror
  • La Grande Bouffe is the latest in a long line of solid Arrow Video U.S. releases, that focuses on sex and cannibalism. Probably not one that we'll be buying, but it still looks like a worthwhile release. 
  • The Hunger is one of the best vampire movies that we've ever seen. I mean it's got lesbianism, David Bowie, and it's directed by the late, great Tony Scott. It's a must have for fans of all things vampire.
  • Psycho Beach Party is a cheesy spoof that mashes up 60's beach movies and Slasher flicks. Now, it's definitely not our cup of tea, but the fact that it stars a young Amy Adams makes it a fun curiosity for us. Because we really like Amy Adams
  • Everything else, as always, is a crap-shoot.

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