July 25, 2014

The Theatrical Trauma of July 25th

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Hercules and Lucy are set to battle it out this week for top spot at the Box Office, and we're pretty sure that Lucy is going to win.

-Scarlett Johansson has had one hell of a 2014 already, with Under the Skin garnering all sorts of critical praise, and the new Captain America flick going over the $700 million mark, so there's no reason to think that people won't flock to see her in an action flick like Lucy.

We'll see it, because Scarlett is one of our favorite Hotties, and we love Luc Besson's action flicks, but will it go over with big with general audiences?

-The Rock was the biggest World Wide Box Office draw in 2013, to the tune of almost $1.3 Billion, and it's easy to see why; adults love him, kids love him, and he's got that movie star charisma that puts asses in seats. Sure, most of that success came from Fast & Furious and G.I. Joe, but the guy has a massive fanbase that always comes out and support his movies.

There's not much advance buzz on Hercules, mainly because the studio didn't give any advance press screenings, and the advertising wasn't all that great or powerful. That usually means that a movie is not so hot.

We hope it's good, because we love Rocky, but it if bombs, we won't be shocked.

-Beneath (our review HERE) is in Limited Release this week, and if you like your movies dark, claustrophobic and eerie, then you'll most likely dig this one.

-Cannibal: A Love Story is also in Limited Release this week, and it will most likely be far more limited than will Beneath. We've heard mixed reviews on this one, and it definitely looks to be more on the artsy side of the fence, but sometimes artsy can be good. Sometimes.

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