July 18, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

VOD 550
Only two new & noteworthy flicks this week on the VOD front, one of which has already been available on VOD for a few weeks now...

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Under the Skin has been available on Amazon Instant for a few weeks now (as an early sneak peek), but with its official release this week comes a lower price point ($4.99 for HD), which makes renting it fell like a much better decision.

You can read our review of Under the Skin HERE, to see if it's something you are down to watch. 


Aftermath is a low budget, Post-Apocalyptic tale about a group of survivors who band together to survive the aftermath of WW3... which apparently involves a bunch of Zombie-like mutoid creatures. Edward Furlong usually stars in some pretty shit movies, but we like Monica Keena, and the trailer looks alright, so why not give it a chance?

Plus, and this is a big plus, it's got Bubbles from The Wire in it, and we're always down to see anything that Bubs is in. The guy is aces in our book.

Aftermath is available now on iTunes HERE, and in Limited Theatrical Release.

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