July 15, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for July 15th

Not a huge week on the New Release front, but we do at long last get The Criterion Collection Blu-ray of Scanners, so we're fine with everything else this week being of a smaller scale.

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Not only is Scanners finally available on Blu-ray for the forst time ever, but it's a Criterion Collection disc to boot! As Cronenberg flicks go, The Brood is our absolute fave, but Scanners is still a great movie that is near and dear to our collective hearts; after all, this movie is responsible for us seeing our first exploding head on film, and that's a pretty big deal to us. With Barnes & Noble having a 50% Sale on all of their Criterion titles this month, Scanners is beyond a Must Have for us.

Open Grave (read our review HERE) was a good flick, and well worth a rental, and maybe even a purchase at the right price.

Under the Skin (read our review HERE) is an odd one, which will most likely please the Art-house crowd while frustrating the average moviegoer. Scarlett Johansson also gets buck naked in this one, so there is that, I suppose.

Isn't Deadly Eyes the movie where they dressed wiener dogs up in rat costumes? Another obscure 80's Horror flick unearthed and restored with care by Scream Factory, Deadly Eyes is a cheesy, B-Movie good time. *If you like movies about killer rats, that is.

dvdinfo4 Pack actiontormenttoxin

We've got a copy of Torment in our hands right this very second, and after her turn as Margot Verger on Hannibal, we'll take all the Katharine Isabelle that we can get. The flick looks good, and our review will be coming shortly.

Toxin? We know nothing.

tvinfohellob170 x 224

Hell on Wheels is one great show, and if you like Westerns, you ought to start this one from the beginning and get caught up on the action before Season Four premieres on August 2nd.

Orphan Black we're behind on, but the few ep's that we have seen were impressive, mainly because star Tatiana Maslany plays like 10 different roles on the show, which is a crazy feat to ask of any actor.


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