July 8, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for July 8th


Back when Curtains was still scheduled to come out this week, we proclaimed July 8th as our most anticipated Release Day off the Summer. Well, Curtains got pushed back to July 29th, and we're a little bit bummed that we have to wait for 2 more weeks to get our hands on the Blu-ray, but this week is still all kinds of awesome on the release front.

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Above all else this week, is the release of The Raid 2. You can check our full review HERE, but in short, The Raid 2 is one of the best action flicks we've ever seen, and hands down the most entertaining movie of 2014 thus far. If any movie this week deserves our support and patronage, it's this one. Do not miss The Raid 2 if you love action flicks. Period.

Aside from the majesty of The Raid 2, it's Severin Films that owns the week with their trio of old-school classic releases. Bloody Birthday is a great Killer Kids flick (see our review HERE) and we're glad it's finally getting a proper Blu-ray release here in the U.S. Bloody Moon (see our review HERE) is one of our favorite Jess Franco flicks, and now it's available uncut and uncensored for the first time ever on Blu-ray. Yes, that means that we finally get to see the uncut "power saw" scene!!! As for The Baby, we have no idea what it's all about, but we hear it's crazy weird.

*Bloody Birthday and The Baby are both streaming on Netflix right now if you want to check them out before putting down your hard earned money on them.

Lake Placid looks like it will be another great offering from the folks over at Scream Factory. I always thought it was kind of a goofy movie, but maybe I'll give it another shot and see how well it holds up 15 years after its release.

Rigor Mortis is a stylish and visually captivating HK flick that looks interesting if nothing else.

Stage Fright (our review HERE) was an alright venture, and if you're a fan of Glee, you'll most likely love it. I mean, it's a Horror Musical, and we all know exactly how well those usually work out, don't we?

Nymphomaniac and Southern Comfort may not be the flicks for us, but they are both notable releases in their own right.

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There's not much on the DVD front this week that blows our skirts up. Favor looks interesting, we'd watch Dead Drop for Nestor Carbonell alone, and Flowers of Evil is sure to please Anime fans, but the rest are nothing we're interested in.

Yeah, we're elitist pricks like that.


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