July 25, 2014

The many faces of Eva Green

Not only is Eva Green one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, but she might also have the most expressive face we've ever seen.

We don't know if she's crazy or just quirky, but the fact is that the girl is always making some crazy (and quirky) faces that make us laugh and ask ourselves "is she high in that picture?"

We decided to take a few minutes and put together a little collection of her greatest facials facial expressions, not only because we find it amusing, but because we want these images to stick in your head like they do ours.

You deserve that much. We all do.

*You can catch Eva Green right now in 300: Rise of an Empire and Penny Dreadful, or in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For come August.


  1. Hilarious, thanks for sharing that.

  2. Verry funny! :-)

    I just saw THE SALVATION (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2720680/combined) a few days ago. Very good Danish film - a western no less. And Eva Green is incredible in it. She doesn't have a single line of dialogue, as she plays a mute (tongue cut out by indians). But she says more with her eyes than most of the other characters combined. Seeing as you are fans of her, you should definitley seek this one out.

  3. Dammit, Phil! We want to see The Salvation so bad, but it hasn't come to the U.S. yet. Glad to hear that it's a solid flick. There have been so many good Danish TV Shows & Movies lately.