February 4, 2013

Who will be February's Horror Hottie of the Month?

There are so many hot chicks in so many genre flicks each month, that it gets tough choosing just one. I mean, whoa re we to say that Girl A is hotter than Girl B? Sometimes, we're just ashamed of ourselves for making this such a tawdry competition (not really.)

Still, we have to choose just one.

Here's our list of finalists for the month of February. Some girls are here because they are genre vets, some are here because they have high profile releases coming out soon. They're all here because they're sassy and sexy, and who doesn't like looking at pictures of sassy and sexy chicks?

If we're going by genre contribution, Ingrid Bolso Berdal would probably win, because she's been in plenty of genre fare, past and present. Going by just plain hotness though... I don't know; that Alexis Knapp hasn't been in much, but good God, just look at that girl.

Anywho, we have a few more flicks to watch before we narrow this month's field, so until then, just enjoy the pics below. They're all winners anyhow, aren't they?

Brittany Snow has Would You Rather? coming out this month.
Alexis Knapp stars as a sexy vampire in the upcoming Vamp U.
Elisabeth Harnois is currently starring in Riddle and Bad Meat.
Genre fave Ingrid Bolso Berdal is currently starring in H&G: Witch Hunters and The Abc's of Death.
The Walking Dead returns this month, along with the hotness of Lauren Cohan.
Teresa Palmer is currently starring in the #1 flick at the Box Office, Warm Bodies.
Katie Cassidy is currently starring in Arrow, and has Kill For Me coming out soon.
Danielle Panabaker has Girls Against Boys coming out this month.

Yes, Al, they all do... but which one do we choose?

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