February 27, 2013

The new Gallowwalkers Trailer is very Blade-ish!

Wesley Snipes is back in Blade form, in a non-Blade movie!

Call me crazy, but I'm kinda geeked to see this flick.

We haven't seen Wesley Snipes star in much of anything for about a minute -Brooklyn's Finest was about his only notable movie since 2005's Blade: Trinity- but all of a sudden, we find ourselves on the Snipes bandwagon again.

To be fair, this movie looks like it should be titled Blade 4: Old West Zombie Hunter, but who cares. It looks pretty good.

DDP's in this, so all I'm saying is that if no one gets the Diamond Cutter put on them, it's all been for nothing. Bang!
I'm also saying, that if these girls don't get naked, it's all been for double nothing!. (Bang!)

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