February 21, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of February 21st

The last Friday in February is here, and with it comes a few noteworthy releases that might satisfy our Theatrical needs this coming weekend.

Dark Skies is the big one for Horror fans this week. It's been a while since we've seen a good "Aliens are after our kids!" flick, so we're willing to give this one a go and hope for the best. The movie's trailers look decent enough, and we like Keri Russell, so how bad could it really be? *In all fairness, it could be really bad, but we're trying to stay positive here.

Snitch is a flick that we're all sorts of excited to see, even though it's most likely going to be a standard PG-13 level, brainless action flick. We here at THC love The Rock, and even when he's in a movie that sucks, he ends up making it at least somewhat enjoyable. For better or for worse, we will happily see this one this weekend.

Finally we have Inescapable, the Limited Release Mystery/Thriller flick that looks like a spin on Taken, only with the hero being from Damascus, Syria. We've long been fans of Alexander Siddig's work, and Marisa Tomei is always a plus, so we'll most likely check this one out on VOD when we have the time. *The fact that we really want to see this movie despite fu**ing Pacey from Dawson's Creek being in, says alot about it. It looks cool, even despite Pacey and his Pacey-like presence.

Three new movies, and three decent-looking choices. We really can't complain. *Except about Pacey. F**k him.

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