February 7, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of February 7th

With an insane super-mega death blizzard bearing down on the Northeastern U.S., maybe it's a good thing that this week's Theatrical Releases aren't all that compelling.

Side Effects is the week's only big genre release that interests us, and we'll be skipping that one, mainly because we can't do Channing Tatum. We think it's great that he's all sorts of popular now, and we hope he keeps on making money and finding success, but watching him try to act is just too painful of an experience for us. To us, he's the Male version of Kristen Stewart, only his eyes droop more. It's a shame too, because we're big fans of both Steven Soderbergh and Rooney Mara, but we just can't do it.

Aside from Side Effects, there are a few flicks Limited Release that look fairly promising.

Would You Rather? looks good, and we love Brittany Snow, so we'll check that out for sure if it's playing anywhere near us. Then again it's premiering on VOD too, so, even better.

Spiders 3D looks like a Syfy movie of the week, and we're not really sure how it got a Theatrical Release (Limited or not), so we'll probably skip over that one. Again, this one's premiering on VOD at the same time as it's being released in Theaters, so, VOD is probably the way to go here.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake is a new Jet Li martial arts flick, and what's not to love about a new Jet Li flick? If it's not playing anywhere near you, it's already been on VOD for a few weeks now, so catch it either way.

* Simultaneous Theatrical/VOD releases are the way things are headed for smaller releases, so get used to it. Pretty soon, Netflix will own us all.

So really, it's an uneventful week at the Box Office for Horror and Genre fans alike, so maybe the best bet is to stay just stay home and watch The Weather Channel this weekend... because maybe the Northeast Blizzard will have ice zombies, or Dennis Quaid in it, or something.

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  2. You should watch Side Effects. It's a good movie and Channing Tatum didn't had much to do. It were Rooney Mara and Jude Law having the meaty parts plus Catherine Zeta-Jones as Eye Candy. The events leading to the ending could have been better written but I can give it a B easily.

    And yeah, Channing is a piece of wood, no acting skills to be found in any scenes he appeared. Good thing it weren't many scenes.

  3. That's what people keep saying, Myra, so I may jus thave to check it out!